AR and Video Projection mapping

Indoor and outdoor video projection and Augmented reality installations

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is a type of augmented reality that involves projection technology to turn objects that are often irregularly shaped into a screen for video projection. These objects can be complex objects such as buildings or smaller indoor objects.

By using specialised software, a two- or three-dimensional object is mapped on the virtual program which mimics the real environment it is to be projected on. The software can interact with a projector to fit any desired image onto the surface of that object.

Thanks to over 10 years of experience in the field of projection mapping we have developed a production system that can be adapted to any type of projection mapping project and can be tailored to the specifics client's needs.

Our team of project managers, designers and engineers can face any challenge while delivering at the highest industry standards. From our Bangkok Office, we offer projection mapping in Hong Kong, Singapore, and in China Mainland while from our Berlin office we cover all Europe.

Below we are describing the typical steps for the production of a 3D projection mapping installation:


  • Identify the project goals.
  • Develop ideas for the project’s specific needs.
  • Conduct field assessments to determine requirements and feasibility.


  • Create an exclusive concept
  • Develop related narrative and storyboards
  • Choose the most suitable technological platforms


  • Determine the design elements
  • Identify production costs and develop a media strategy


  • Focus on content creation on different media: filming, 3D animation and software programming as well as fabrication of physical elements
  • Test and optimize the installation before execution

Beside having extensive experience in projection mapping installations we have been giving multiple workshops and lectures about the topic. Please do not hesitate to GET IN TOUCH! Send us an email to [email protected] with all the information regarding your project!

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