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Add the fourth dimension to your event

Projection mapping allows to project video content on any architectural surface.

To achieve the best effect, the content must be pre-produced on the basis of an architectural model of the facade or a three-dimensional laser scan. An inspection will be required to assess feasibility and to choose the appropriate technology.

After a careful analysis of the architectural elements of the building and after having established with the client concept and content to be produced, we will be able to choose production system and estimate both costs and production time.

It is common practice for some of the most important fashion brands to include projection mapping in their shows.

We work closely with the fashion brand and we can rerecreate any type of environment thanks to the use of augmented reality techniques such as projection mapping. It is in fact possible to choose the shape of the surface on which to project and produce customized video material.

For example, it is possible to design a complex structure that represents the fashion brand or the concept of the collection, on which we can project videos with animations created specifically for the show. A perfect example is visible at this link.

Customized brand exhibition stalls for the presentation of its product line.

You can recreate any type of environments by combining the design of the surrounding space and projections video content. On request, we can take care of the design of the exhibition stall or the dedicated projections area only.

Since it is possible to insert interactive elements, many brands have chosen the use of projection mapping in trade fairs and exhibitions. One of the most effective and successful event was the presentation of Airbus.

A video projection mapping installation in a festival adds a memorable element for the audience that is attending the event.

The projection mapping often provides an element of interactivity and, since it is instantly shareable on Facebook, Instagram and other social, it can make an impressive ROI in terms of advertising.

You can recreate any type of environments by combining the design of the surrounding space and the projections of video content. On request, we can take care of the entire stage design and the lighting system, or only of the areas dedicated to video projections.

Each object becomes a screen on which we can project content and cars are no exception.

Due to the large amount of detail, the cars are perfect for projection mapping. Using multiple projectors we can project video animations on the whole car or even on a moving car (for example, on a rotary display).

Projection mapping provides an element of interactivity to the product presentation and, beside being immediately shareable on social media, can give an impressive ROI in terms of advertising. Many brands of cars have used this technique, as Tesla did in this Video

Services offered by
our projection mapping company

Video Content Production

3D, animation and video assets production


Design and Programming of interactive content.

Technology Consulting

Consultancy for events or architecture studios

Design / Project Management

Design, tendering, assistance in obtaining quotations from external subcontractors and implementation.

Production from A to Z

Full service, from the initial concept to on site implementation.

Holographic Projections

Video projections on mist, similar to hologram. Ideal for events on rivers and lakes.


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