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Madrix offers very high levels of automation and stability, and it is ideal for managing LED in permanent installations.

Madrix is the leading software for the management of LED addressable systems for any type of permanent installation, for example LED lighting in a club or LED lighting of an entire facade. Hardware and software produced by the German company are always reliable even if used 24/7.

Madrix allows to control very complex LED networks with millimeter precision. One of the main functions of Madrix is sound activation, ideal for example for permanent installation in a club or the "scheduling" function allows you to program CUE lists that are "launched" automatically depending on the month / day / hour etc.

Madrix software is highly versatile and allows to make the most of today's LED technology.

It is possible to integrate any 2D project with 3D elements to create even more spectacular attractions for the public. MADRIX software is a powerful tool that allows to program any type of LED installation.

Madrix lighting control solutions can make an LED installation reach its full potential.

We can create photo realistic designs and view the light show in real time.

You can recreate any type of environments by combining the design of the surrounding space and projections video content. On request, we can take care of the design of the exhibition stall or the dedicated projections area only.

Custom-made 3D models can be imported and highly realistic videos can be rendered to present the lighting design of the show to the entire production team that can make its contributions.


Project Planning

Design of the LED system from A to Z, executive architectural drawings.

3D Rendering

Three-dimensional graphic representation of the environments that accommodates the LED installation.


Static or dynamics display of the lighting system through specialized software

Lighting Programming

Programming the show with Madrix software.

Network Programming

Programming of complex LAN networks and dedicated hardware.


Customized training consultancy for addressable LED programming solutions


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