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Immersive and Interactive Experiences

Interactive experiences that
add an extra dimension

One of the most effective ways to attract and engage potential customers is to provide them with visually impressive demonstrations

of products and services provided in an executive briefing center. This can be used to provide a direct experience of current and future offers in an interactive or augmented reality environment that allows your company to surprise your customers.

By using multimedia installations of immersive media or augmented reality you can present your products and services in the best possible way, becoming a pioneer in this new system of customer engagement.

The corporate work environment must be the absolute manifestation of the corporate image.

Environments influence the culture of an organization favoring collaboration, communication, productivity, innovation and success. A well-designed space is an essential catalyst for creativity and solutions that drive an organization to reach its potential.

The implementation of interactive multimedia or augmented reality installations is the ideal choice for the company that wants to create a modern identity and stand out from the competition, using emerging technologies to transform static spaces into dynamic interactive environments.

The customers should think of a stores like to something more than simple places in which acquiring products.

Interactive augmented reality applications are limited only by the imagination of retailers and their branding agencies. With the kind of multimedia technology available, there are numerous ways to use multimedia technologies to create interactive sales experiences for buyers.

The goal of an interactive multimedia installation or augmented reality is to remind customers that the store is not just a place to buy, but it is a place to make new experiences.

Create emotional attachment to products or services through interactive experiences that involve the client.

We work closely with the fashion brand and we can rerecreate any type of environment thanks to the use of augmented reality techniques such as projection mapping. It is in fact possible to choose the shape of the surface on which to project and produce customized video material.

They are also a means by which a company can gain a competitive advantage by differentiating itself from the competition. To achieve success, an interactive experience will have to be engaging, compelling and able to touch the client's senses in order to capture their loyalty.

Bring your museum or exhibit into the digital age by addressing the museum's youngest visitors through immersive installations that enable an interactive information transfer.

As far as technology is concerned, many museums and cultural institutions are not keeping up with the times. This is what we want to change by offering both innovative impulses and concrete interactive multimedia products for these institutions.

Our approach is to subordinate interactive multimedia technology to the pre-existing concept of the museum and let it contribute to the transfer of knowledge behind the scenes, rather than putting it at the center of attention.

Services offered by
our augumented reality company

Responsive Environments

Concept and design of interactive environments.

Immersive Media

Immersive environments implementing AR and Projection Mapping techniques.

Gestural Interfaces

Design and programming of gestural control systems.

Digital Signage

Programming of interactive digital signage systems.

Data Visualization

Programming of data visualization systems.


Audiovisual programming with generative artistic elements


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