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It is very important to provide customers with a great shopping experience that they will remember.

An appropriate retail lighting system attracts the attention of passers-by and improves the appearance of the products that are displayed. The lighting design for retail spaces and shopping malls is as important as the interior design of the whole exhibition spaces.

Using a well designed lighting system such as a custom made LED lighting system solution, enables not only to save on energy costs, but also to substantially increase sales of the products that are display.

Exterior lighting systems are very important to highlight architectural elements like the facade of a building, signage and lighting access paths.

When we work on a lighting project for a building facade, we base our stylistic decisions and the choices of the lighting elements on functional and aesthetic factors without forgetting to look into technical aspects such as flexibility and energy consumption, which is often more than halved thanks to our LED lighting solutions.

Our specialty is to create lighting solutions that allow dynamic and individual color accents. Our LED lighting systems can be tailored to the occasion or to the specific mood of an event and can be even integrated with custom made permanent installations of video projection mapping .

Lighting is on of the most important design element in a club or disco. Our company provides customized professional solutions for entertainment.

Each club presents various creative possibilities and we are often consulted regarding functional lighting or requested to design and install special effects for clubs like for example whole LED installations that are controlled via DMX, like the one done to for Mad Fox in Amsterdam .

Our specialty is the realization of programmable and fully addressable LED systems controlled via DMX and Artnet. Our Lighting Design Company can create LED lighting systems that are constantly synchronized with the music that the dj is playing, while enable control of each LED of each fixture.

Hotel lighting design allows our lighting company to integrate creative elements with the required functionality and safety standards.

When planning hotel lighting design, it is important to achieve an optimal balance between lighting and lighting control, while also providing high quality lighting solutions that are optimized to save energy, like for example LED lighting solutions.

The hotel lobby is the place where the guest forms his first impression, that contributes a lot in his overall experience. A unique lighting system in the lobby area makes it a memorable experience and can increase ROI thanks to the share on social media.

To enable a restaurant to run efficiently its operations, it is essential to design an appropriate lighting system.

When designing a lighting system for a restaurant or a bar it is very important to create a cozy atmosphere to make an unforgettable experience for the guest. Choosing the right Light color temperature and the use of shadows helps creating this cozy environment.

Thanks to the methodology that our Lighting Design company has defined in many years of experience, we possess a repertoire of technical solutions to provide adequate lighting to the work environment, using technology such as LED lighting systems.

Services offered by
our lighting design company

Lighting Design

Design of the entire lighting system and lighting elements that are unique and custom made. From individual lamps to entire light sculptures.

Project Planning

Project planning with the use of specialized software that allow us to plan and optimize in details the lighting system.


Lighting systems programming using specialized software that allow us to control every single LED lighting element via DMX or Artnet.


Production and design of custom made fixtures and lighting elements that our lighting design company creates for its customers.


We supply our clients with lamps, fixtures of all kinds and technical components. Logistic and import of lighting systems or special components.


Technical and creative lighting consulting services from project planning to implementation, for architectural design studios.


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