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When we make our architectural lighting design choices, we focuses on three fundamental aspects of the illumination of outdoor and indoor buildings or spaces.

The first is the aesthetic appeal of a building, an aspect particularly important in the illumination of retail environments. Secondly, the ergonomic aspect: we measure of how much of a function the lighting plays. Thirdly is the energy efficiency issue to ensure that light is not wasted by over illumination, either by illuminating vacant spaces unnecessarily or by providing more light than needed for the aesthetics or the task. Also, the choice of a specific technology like new generation LED can make a huge difference when it come to energy saving.

Thanks to over 10 years of experience in the field of architectural lighting design we have developed a production system that can be adapted to any type of architectural lighting design project and can be tailored to the specifics client's needs.

Our in-house architectural lighting designers, and engineers can face any challenge while delivering at the highest industry standards. From our Bangkok Office, we offer our architectural light desgn services in Hong Kong, Singapore, and in China Mainland and other places in asia while from our Berlin office we cover all Europe.

These are the typical steps of a production for an architectural lighting design project:


  • Identify the project goals.
  • Develop ideas for the project’s specific needs.
  • Conduct field assessments to determine requirements and feasibility of the architectural lighting design project.


  • Create an exclusive concept
  • Choose the most suitable technological platforms (standard lighting, pixel mapping with programmable LED lights, etc).


  • Determine the lighting design elements
  • Identify production costs and develop a strategy


  • Focus on project execution
  • Test and optimize the installation before execution

Beside having extensive experience in lighting design installations we have been giving multiple workshops and lectures about the topic. Please do not hesitate to GET IN TOUCH! Send us an email to [email protected] with all the information regarding your lighting project!

Visual Farm is a Global Light, New Media and Event Design firm with offices in Germany, Italy and Thailand. We have production and hardware support in all Europe and Asia thanks to the network that we have developed in more than 10 years in the industry.
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