kabam games gmbh

Kabam is one of leader in the western world for free-to-play core games. We were asked to create video a projection mapping show for the opening of the new office locate in a old cigarette factory in Berlin - Prenlauer Berg.


After considering possibilities and limitations of the structure, we decided to turn the full building into a castle to recall the medieval imaginary of Kabam’s first and top selling game, Kingdoms of Camelot.  We also used light effects to emulate neon signage.


For the video projection mapping we produced 3D content, (Cinema 4D and AE), blended 4 projectors to light the building with 60.000 ansi lumen. With the help of a surrounding audio setup, we brought Kabam’s guests into a magic fairy tale.

Project Details

Client: Kabam Games GmbH

Date: April, 2014

Online: www.kabam.com/


Sophie Natta, Maurizio Zecchino and Hüma Utku also worked on the creation of the original content (in order: 3D content, 2D content and Audio content).