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About the Company

Visual Farm designs unique experiences that will help its clients to gain a competitive advantage.

By combining innovative technology the company creates immersive and interactive installations. The primary focus is video projection mapping on buildings, augmented reality, interactive displays, custom video content and architectural lighting design.
The international studio operates worldwide with a production team of digital artists, architectural lighting designers, programmer and engineers that is striving to bring their ideas and vision to set a new paradigm in design.


Visual and Lighting Design Services

Video Projection Mapping has become a very essential discipline in theater, fashion, marketing and advertising.

We speak of video mapping when a projection device is used to project pre-edited video content onto an irregular shape, like for example a building. Visual Farm has more than 10 years of experience in mapping projectors in very challenging environments and situations.
The creation of suitable visual content is as important as the structure on which the projection will be applied. Visual Farm has capabilities for producing animated 3D video content, filming and editing it in order to push its creative ideas to the limit of what can be imagined.

Visual Farm offers custom made lighting design solutions to ensure that its clients have the perfect light for their business.

From hotel rooms and lobbies to clubs and intensive music applications, the goal is always to help the client to think in a strategic fashion, whether the objective is to use the emotional side of light to strengthen the brand impact or to save energy and reduce both bill and carbon footprint.
Thanks to over 10 years of experience in the field of architectural lighting design, Visual Farm has extensive experience in providing the latest design trends and technologies, like pixel mapping and artnet programming, and will help its clients to work with the most viable and future proof solutions.

Visual Farm creates interactive environments where the viewers actions determine some of the visual outcome.

Thanks to the use of visual development platforms like Touchdesigner we are able to receive and process multiple types of inputs through the use of motion or proximity sensing input devices, microphones for sound and music or data that can be retrieved from any live dataset.
According to the client requirements, through the use of technologies like projection mapping we can recreate virtual worlds that emulate real life physical properties and apperance or that are completly abstract, in which the visitor can affect the behaviour each interactive element.

Visual Farm creates real-world environment where certain elements are enhanced with computer generated perceptual information.

Augmented reality uses an existing environment and it overlays computer generated virtual information on top of it through the use of technologies like video projection mapping and motion tracking, or through special AR mobile applications that can superimpose any type of relevant information on specific elements in real time.
Thanks to our expertise with technologies like 3D projection mapping, motion tracking and programming of complex interactive visual applications, we are able to provide our clients with Augmented Reality (AR) solution in order to enhance any type of environments, products and all kinds of user experiences.

Visual Farm provides customized video production services, VFX and Animation

Of course the video production process is oriented towards the implementation of the video material in our projection mapping or interactive projects and we plan every possible aspect of the video production process.
Our strength is the cumulative experience of our team and the ability to work on a project from inception to completion, including creative direction, project management, video editing and VFX and Animation.


A sample of the portfolio of video projection mapping installations, lighting design projects and live events that Visual Farm has produced for its top clients. Our visual production company is always sharp focused on creatively using the latest technology to design unforgettable experiences.

Why Choose Us?


We believe that a holistic approach to design is key to set a new paradigm, merging aesthetic and technology.


We start with questions rather than quick answers, always keeping in mind functionality and aesthetics.


We will find the most adequate solution to our client needs and we are very efficient in implementing it.


We are a one-of-a-kind studio shaped by the most creative minds always willing to embrace new challenges.


Our biggest strength is the cumulative experience of skills and competences of our very talented team.


We have significant experience working in Asia and Europe with strong partnerships in both continents.

Press a button to turn on the 'Provocateur Mode' and your room is filled with music and images projected on the wall

Casa Vogue on Provocateur Hotel, Berlin.

Best Club Venue 2017 Award

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